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Panavision Specific

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5/8"Dia 2" L Mounting Post
Code: 101701

Price: US$35.00
5/8"Dia 4"Ln Mounting Post
Code: 101702

Price: US$40.00
5/8"Dia X 1" L Mounting Post
Code: 101700

Price: US$30.00
Arri Alexa Rear Hanger PVN LL
Code: 100900
Need another dovetail slot at the rear of the ARRI ALEXA? This hanger mounts on the rear hard point of the ALEXA and provides a Panavision Lens Light dovetail track. 

Price: US$120.00
Panavision Lens Light Dovetail 19mm Rod mount
Code: 102300
On one end this bracket features a square dovetail shoe that fits into the lens light dovetail on the side of Panavised cameras. On the other it clamps on to a 19mm Rod.
Price: US$150.00
Panavision Lens Light Dovetail Extender
Code: 101300

Price: US$150.00
Panavision Lens Light Dovetail Shoe
Code: 102801
Panavision Lens light Dovetail Shoe. Do you need another dovetail slot to hand something, This "chicklet" dovetails does just that.

Price: US$90.00
Preston MDR Quick release mounting kit
Code: 100700
Quick release mounting kit for Preston MDR. This kit includes the Preston MDR mounting Spider (100500), the 19mm mounting Post (102500) and accommodates a series of 19 adapters.

Price: US$350.00
PVN Modular FollowFocus Dovetail to Lens Motor Adapter Mk 2
Code: 100401
This bracket fits in the Panavision* modular follow focus dovetail on the front of the body, just below the lens. It features a  clamp that accepts a 19mm rod stub fitting a standard Preston Motor bracket with no bushing.

*Panavision is a registered trademark of Panavision Inc
Price: US$150.00

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